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Grow Global with Export-TH: Your Trusted Partner in Agriculture Export & Distribution.

In the lush landscapes of Thailand, a vision was born – a dream to share the nation's agricultural treasures with the world. This vision laid the foundation for Export-TH.

The Genesis:
At the heart of our story is a simple belief: the world deserves to experience the best of Thai agriculture. With this conviction, Export-TH embarked on its journey, not just as a business, but as a bridge between the hardworking Thai farmers and discerning global consumers.

Farmers First:
Our ethos, "WE ARE ONE," is more than just a motto. It's our commitment to the farming community. By establishing direct partnerships, we ensured that every product, from aromatic Kratom to staple Thai rice, carried the essence of the land and the spirit of its people.

Global Aspirations:
As our offerings found their way to international markets, the name Export-TH became synonymous with quality and authenticity. But our vision extended beyond products. We dreamt of a world where Thai farmers, equipped with sustainable practices, could thrive in a global ecosystem.

Giving Back:
Success, for us, has always been about making a difference. Through training, investments, and collaborations with agricultural cooperatives, we've continuously aimed to uplift the very community that forms our backbone.

Today & Beyond:
Today, Export-TH stands as a testament to passion, perseverance, and partnership. As we look to the horizon, we're excited about the new chapters waiting to be written, always anchored in our commitment to quality, community, and innovation.

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